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About Eddi

Eddi is a very powerfull and easy to use editor. It is written by a person who did not like emacs, but needed a big editor nevertheless. Eddi has the advantage that it is extremely intuitive and therefore very easy to use. I personaly consider it as the best editor for X, that's the reason why I decided to maintain it: The original author, Holger Schanz, has disappeared and left some of his work undone.

Eddi only needs tcl and tix

Important for SuSE 8.0 users! SuSE 8.0 comes with a version of tix that contains a bug that prevents eddi from working in kde3, other distro's might also have this problem. A fix will soon be available, in the meantime you can use an older version of tix. It causes a startup error that can not be recovered, you should uninstall tix and get the version of suse 7.3 to get it working again, you can download this at:
or at:

Although windows is not the main development platform it is possible to run eddi under this OS. Read Eddi under Windows for instructions.

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